Articles as published in The Bandon Opinion, The West Cork People and The Southern Star as written by Myra Dinneen

Putting the family home into joint names

Question: I am married with a number of years. The family home is in the sole name of my husband. It has been suggested, that my husband and I, should put the property into the joint names of the both of us. Is there a special rate of Stamp Duty payable to the Revenue Commissioners for the transfer of property into our joint names? (more…)

Inheritance Rights of children – how it arises

Question: I am a married woman with two small children. My husband has a child from a previous relationship. I was wondering if this child would have any Inheritance Rights with regard to my husband’s property and in what way, if any, could this child affect any inheritance rights for our children? (more…)

Providing for your husband/wife by Will

Question: This may seem an unusual question. However, my husband is the sole owner of the family home and surrounding lands which he inherited from his father. We are married a number of years now with children. Would it be possible for him to make a Will disinheriting me and giving everything to one of our children? (more…)

Where there are young children, the type of Will to be made

Question: We are a married couple with three children ,all under the age of ten years. We wish to make a Will , to cover, a situation of us both dying simultaneously leaving our children with no parents. Our main assets are the family home and farmlands. However, it is too soon to try and decide which of our children is better suited to farming or indeed who should get what. Have you any suggestions for a Will? (more…)

District Court Procedure for small debts

Question: Recently, my husband received a letter from a solicitor wherein he was informed that if he did not pay monies being in and around the figure of €4,500 that is owed to a supplier for materials furnished to my husband, he would be brought to Court. The money is owed but we are just not in a position to pay all of it at the moment. My husband is not dealing with the situation. What could happen here? (more…)

Duty of landowners with regard to Trees on their land

Question: I have a neighbour whose trees are immediately adjoining on to my property. They are in a dangerous condition, in that some of them are very old and are, in my opinion ready to fall. If they do, they will cause substantial damage to my property, not to mention the personal injury that could happen. I have approached him about this, but to date, he has ignored my requests to maintain them. What are my legal rights here? (more…)