Articles as published in The Bandon Opinion, The West Cork People and The Southern Star as written by Myra Dinneen

Safety Cameras on our Local Roads.

PictureBy now no doubt you will all be familiar with the presence of the mobile speed camera on our roads officially called safety cameras. Introduced in late 2010 by An Garda Siochana, they are located generally at various road spots across the country, so the chances are that you will meet one at least once a day on your daily commute. They are operated by trained personnel and their primary aim is to save lives on our roads, by their observance of speed undertaken by Drivers, recognising that inappropriate speed is a major factor in road traffic accidents. (more…)


Question: I am a single mother with one child who is 8 months old. I do not have a good relationship with the father of the child. He is not giving me any maintenance and refuses to do so. What can i do here?


Question: If a person dies without having made a Will, does the State have a right to take some or all of the property, because there is no Will there? (more…)


Question: I am a father of a two year old girl. It was suggested by a friend that I should make an application for guardianship of my daughter. What exactly does that mean?

Credit Bureau

Question: I want to get a loan to purchase a house. However, about three years ago, I had a problem with a car loan. I have since repaid the debt but it took some time. I now find that my name is in the Irish Credit Bureau. Can I get my name off as it is causing problems for me securing my loan? (more…)

Civil Partnership


Question: I am living with my boyfriend for the past two years approximately in a house owned by him. We are in a committed relationship but I do not wish to get married at this point in time. What difference does the new Act called the Civil Liability Act make to our situation? (more…)

Barring Order

Question: I am married to a man who is physically violent with me at times and I do not feel safe in my home. I have been told I should get a Barring Order. What does that entail? (more…)

Prenuptial Agreements – the benefit and burden of them

Question: I am a thirty two year old man. I am engaged to be married. I farm 130 acres of land, which was transferred by my parents to me four years ago. Although i do not anticipate that my future wife and i will separate , i am wondering if there is some way i can protect the family farm in the unlucky event that our marriage does break down.could this be done by means of a pre-nuptial agreement and if so, what is involved in it? (more…)

Legal options on Separation

Question: I am considering leaving my husband. We have been married many years. All our children have been provided for. What options in terms of a separation are available to me. (more…)